New Lo-Fi Delay

This is delay, Jim,… but not as we know it.

My Lo-Fi delay is finally here! Warm, warbly, messy goodness. A creative tool for the adventurous. Keep your delays clean or dirty them up, self-oscillation, and a super-powerful modulation section will unleash your tonal possibilities like nothing else.

New Super Crunch Box Version 2!

My pride and joy is here! The New Super Crunch Box Version 2 is finally shipping to retailers. Featuring a new 3rd gain mode tailored for biting single coil work, and incredible ‘clean-up’, a unique 3 active band EQ, voiced at the perfect ‘passive’ frequencies you expect from the great British amp tone-stack, and even more headroom than ever before, the new Super Crunch Box builds on the legacy of its predecessors and takes things up to 11!


MI Audio Cross Over Drive V2

The Cross Over Drive is a FET overdrive designed to capture the response and touch-sensitivity of an amp’s organic overdrive. This limited-run pedal was dubbed the Cross Over Drive due to its many stages of overdrive.

At its lowest gain setting, it can be used as a boost/enhancer to give your tone some sparkle and lift. Turn up the gain and you have a very responsive overdrive that breaks up in direct response to your strumming hand. Turning up to full the Cross Over sweeps from distortion to a loose and heavy fuzz similar to a driven classic American combo. The output is smoooooth and will be a favourite amongst lead players.

V2 now features 3 distinct mode, Low, Standard (identical to V2) and Tight


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