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Gearphoria is an online magazine run by Blake and Holly Wright who found their place in the biz running their previous gear blog, What's That Dude Play? From that blog, they have kicked off an impressive online print for gearheads to read articles by builders and designers, news from the latest trade shows and an always interesting behind-the-scenes look at a musical instruments builder/manufacturer.

This latest issue features MI Audio as the builder profile, interviewed by Jon at Guitar Noize. The interview with Michael starts at the beginning of MI Audio all the way to what's in store for the future with some behind-the-scenes photos of our workshop.

Thanks to Blake and Holly for the support and be sure to keep up to date with future Gearphoria issues by following them on Facebook.




We have recently released a new DIY kit like no other, designed for those who love to build and tinker with effects pedals, and is called the MI DIY Dual Drive Kit. If you have ever wanted a custom boutique overdrive pedal, now you can build your own – all you need is a soldering iron and a passion for tone.

The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit allows you to build two channels of op-amp based overdrive and/or distortion designs – to your specifications! Each channel has a GAIN, VOLUME, and three-band EQ with the voicing in the hands of the builder. By adjusting stages of gain and clipping options or tailoring the low-end body and high-end presence (via internal trimmers), your pedal will sound like no other.

The kit comes with two printed circuit boards and two unique circuits; one overdrive and one distortion, both with an open design that encourages a number of modifications and wiring options – alternate or stacked, series or parallel. The MI DIY Dual Drive OD Kit also contains all the parts required to build the two circuits including all potentiometers, knobs, jacks, switches and passive components. Also included is a pre-drilled blank aluminium enclosure that is the canvas for artistic output allowing you to add any artwork you wish.

The MI DIY section of the MI Audio website not only has hints and tips for building these two circuits, but also has posts from some top effects DIY-er’s who have made some interesting and unique pedals with the kit serving as the inspiration. The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit is the perfect platform for those beginners who have always wanted to step into the effects DIY world, yet is complex enough for the intermediate and advanced builders to experiment with and design their own circuits.

The MI DIY Dual Drive Kit includes:

  • Two MI DIY Dual Drive printed circuit boards
  • A pre-drilled blank aluminium enclosure
  • All components required for the build of the two provided circuits, including potentiometers, knobs, jacks, footswitches, integrated circuits and passive components.

MI Audio are selling the kits direct, for US$129. All orders can be sent via email

Below is a link to the MI DIY Dual Drive Kit Assembly Guide and more detail can  be found at the MI DIY blog.