There are a few concepts with the Classic. Firstly, at its core, it shares some features with another one of our pedals, the Crunch Box Distortion. However, the resulting tone is quite different. Where the Crunch Box is a very Marshall-on-eleven sounding pedal, the Classic Distortion has been tuned differently in order to make its response quite different. It’s a lot ‘creamier’ and more vintage sounding, hence the name.

VOLUME – tapered for a more gradual and controlled volume sweep.
GAIN – A huge range from clean to massive amounts of saturation
CHARACTER – A pre-distortion bass control
SYMMETRY – Adjusts the clipping symmetry
LOW/MID/HIGH – 3 Band EQ based on classic passive designs found in valve amps
PRESENCE – High Cut control to help roll of top end to match your amp