The GI Fuzz is a flexible high gain fuzz pedal with an ability to create anything from fat bluesy tones, to all-out sustain, to gated, synth-like bleeps. This GI features a trio of ultra-low noise, NPN high gain silicon transistors – about 20dB more gain than a Fuzz Face! But unlike the Fuzz Face, the GI has tonal features like TONE, BODY and TAME switch to provide a plethora of EQ options. The LOAD control is a unique variable input impedance control providing consistency with any pickup and a BIAS control to starve the transistors to give you some unique textures. This is one heavy-duty, military-spec’d fuzz!

FUZZ  From nothing to all out fuzz
LOAD – input impedance control
BIAS – controls the bias of the 2 transistors
BODY  midrange control
TONE  Balancing control for controlling highs and lows
VOLUME – to control the output volume
TAME SWITCH – this is a Brightness toggle switch control to take off of the top end as required
GAIN TRIM (INTERNAL)  To tame this pedal, the internal gain trimmer is there to wind things back (which I recommend)