Have you ever wanted a custom pedal of your own design? Do you want a dual low-gain booster so that you can stack both channels with other pedals for every shade of overdrive you wish? Or how about two similarly voiced channel with different levels of gain to provide a go-to tone in one box? Or if chaos is your thing, how about a heavily juiced-up distortion paired with a treble booster for the ultimate drive to cut through any mix?

The MI DIY Dual Drive OD kit allows you to build two channels of op-amp based overdrive and/or distortion designs – to your specifications! Each channel has a GAIN, VOLUME and three-band EQ with the voicing in the hands of the builder.  Your custom overdrive pedal is only limited by your own imagination.

By adjusting stages of gain and clipping options or tailoring the low-end body and high-end presence (via internal trimmers) your pedal will sound like no other! This open design encourages a number of modifications and can be wired either alternate or stacked, series or parallel.

The controls for each channel are:

GAIN –  This potentiometer controls the amount of gain in the feedback loop of the first op-amp gain stage. The range and amount of gain is all in your design, and the use of soft clipping diodes in this feedback loop will effect the amount of overdrive/distortion.

BASS, MIDDLE, TREBLE – The other half of this dual op-amp is for the three-band EQ. Customise the tone stack with your own capacitor/potentiometer values or use the values provided for an extremely powerful tone shaping tool.

VOLUME – The DIY kit comes with a logarithmic volume control to allow for a wide range of output volume for bedroom to rehearsal to live applications.


Hand made in Sydney, Australia with 5 Year Warranty

Bypass: Heavy Duty 3PDT footswitch with True Bypass

Power: 9V Battery or 9VDC power supply, 2.1mm jack, negative centre

Current draw: 8mA

Input Impedance: 500kΩ

Output Impedance: <25kΩ

Controls: Volume, Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass for each channel.

Enclosure: Pre-drilled aluminium enclosure.

Size: 4.6″ x 3.6″ (117mm  x 92mm)