This is the crème de la crème of vintage fuzz offering amazing flexibility powered through a pair of hand select Germanium transistors. The tone of the Neo Fuzz is remarkably different to the G.I. The Neo is much more vintage sounding, a lot smoother, with less bite and buzz. Its gain is also a lot tamer, but there is still plenty on tap. The BIAS control enables you to dial in an exact transistor voltage supply to simulate the “sag” of used batteries favoured in vintage Fuzz Faces, while the LOAD helps the response of your guitar’s volume control for “cleaning up” your signal. Combined with the same tonal features as the GI, this is THE modern take on a vintage pedal classic.

FUZZ– From nothing to all out fuzz
LOAD – input impedance control
BIAS – controls the bias of the 2 transistors
BODY – midrange control
TONE – Balancing control for controlling highs and lows
VOLUME – to control the output volume
TAME SWITCH – this is a Brightness toggle switch control to take off of the top end as required
GAIN TRIM (INTERNAL) – To tame this pedal, the internal gain trimmer is there to wind things back (which I recommend)