The pedal that started MI Audio, the Tube Zone Overdrive is a pedal with unparalleled flexibility, which excels equally well in low and high gain settings. The Tube Zone was designed with valve amp-like response in mind, and gets its unique tone by mimicking the signal path of modern valve amp by clipping the signal up to 4 times! A wide-ranging DRIVE control takes the Tube Zone from chiming, transparent overdrive to Rectifier-esque high gain in one sweep. Then add on the flexible MI tonal shaping controls of BRIGHTTONEMIDS and CHARACTER and you have a pedal that we can confidently say, does it all.

GAIN – with unique taper to provide excellent control over overdrive.
TONE – High/Low balancing control
VOLUME – with output up to 15Vpp with correct power supply!
MIDS – Dedicated midrange control
CHARACTER – for adding ‘momentum’ to guitar notes, or keeping things tight
BRIGHTNESS – for controlling top end content, and to help match the Tube Zone to different amps.
PRESENCE (INTERNAL) – to further help dial in the Tube Zone’s tone.