We will be selling our two MI Audio ‘Apache’ 1×12 combo amplifiers for $1995 each at Global Vintage Guitars in Sydney until they are both sold!

These are two prototypes that we took to NAMM where they received rave reviews. The production model will move away from this initial design so this is your chance to own a two-of-a-kind amplifier. We have had a lot of interest in these combos and expect them to sell fast.

Here is some info on the MI Audio ‘Apache’:

Apache’ is a 30W combo designed with a nod to the classic 60’s, jangly sound made famous by the British rock ‘n’ roll invasion. Covered in wine-red tolex and black/silver grill cloth, the cabinet oozes a charm and style that will stand out on any stage!

A quartet of EL84 power tubes (and GZ34 valve rectifier) gives two channels of chiming cleans and treble-boosted overdrive. Each channel has an independent CUT control and two spring-reverb controls (LEVEL and TONE) for a variety of tones from splashy 60’s surf to stadium-rock crunch! There is a REVERB BYPASS toggle switch that removes the reverb circuit (including valves) from the audio path to ensure the purest signal possible. Both REVERB and CHANNEL may be selected via the included footswitch.

 The novel power-amp and power-supply design has three different fixed bias settings assignable to each channel giving three different levels of power, feel and response. A three-position switch has also been added to provide three levels of gain for the overdrive channel – this baby can really scream!

Contact Global Vintage Guitars if you are interested, or if you are in Sydney, pop down to Global Vintage to hear the amps for yourself!